This cabinet card portrait features two young men posing for their portrait at the Boggs & Jefferson studio in Marion, Indiana. This photograph of a pair of well dressed young men sitting in chairs is a study in contrast. The gent on the right sits in a stiff position and he appears a bit intimidated by the camera. Note his rigidity and the position of his hands. Compare him to his companion. The second gentleman sits back in his chair in a relaxed fashion and cooly stares at the camera. Note the lack of tension in his open left hand. Judging by his expression, this guy has attitude. Preliminary research did not uncover information about photographers Boggs and jefferson.

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  1. I’ll bet these guys were brothers. Their features are similiar. The one on the right is a little shy about this experience where as the other one appears to be a real dandy, relaxed in every way. He’s missing a cigar. And, he’s wearing a short overcoat which I believe was for more “stylish” guys.
    Interesting photo. In so many of these pictures the guys shoes are real beat up and dirty. It looks like these fellas may have new shoes.

  2. I was tempted to look at this particular CC due to your descriptive heading.

    Note where gent on the left is pointing his finger. I’m just saying.

  3. Now that my low and evil mind has vented, I took a closer [is that possible?] look at the photo and noted that they are dressed identically, all the way down to their snub-toed boots.

    I like to think that they are gangsters or that perhaps one—on the right—is an upright citizen while Mr. Finger leads a life of crime. I think I’ve watched too many Garfield/Cagney/Godfather
    movies lately….

  4. What a lovely photo. And I love the font used at the bottom of the card.

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