tom thumb

This vintage real photo postcard features two children posing as a bride and groom. The bride looks beautiful in her wedding dress and the groom is adorable in his tuxedo and top hat. Obviously, this is not a real wedding photo. However, it is likely an example of a Tom Thumb Wedding portrait. “Tom Thumb Weddings” were inspired by the marriage of  little people, Charles Stratton and Lavinia Warren. The couple were both working as attractions for P. T. Barnum, of circus fame. Stratton was known as General Tom Thumb. The pair were married in 1863 and the wedding was a lavish affair. People were fascinated by the couple’s wedding and reception. The event was called “The Greatest Little Wedding” and people became so obsessed that they began to create their own “miniature weddings”.  At these weddings, the bride, groom, and bridal party were composed of young children. These weddings were run like plays and often money raised at these events were used for charitable purposes. This postcard photograph may be from one of these Tom Thumb weddings but I can not be certain.The previous owner of this postcard, a postcard maven, described this postcard as being from Germany and as being published around 1909. I can not substantiate that “Tom Thumb Weddings” took place in Germany. To view other “Tom Thumb Wedding” photographs, click on the category “Tom Thumb Wedding Portraits”.  (SOLD)


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