bathing suit

A pretty young woman, with her hands on her hips, poses in her bathing suit at a French beach. She flashes a sweet smile at the photographer. Note her bathing cap. An inscription on the reverse of this vintage real photo postcard indicates that the photo was taken in 1933 in Orival, France. Located in the Seine-Maritime department, Orival is in Northern France. The village is in the woods and situated on the banks and cliffs of the river Seine. This image is a particularly nice French beach photo.  (SOLD)

bathing suit 2

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  1. Don’t get it wet! I don’t think it’s a bathing costume. She appears very young. The top looks like that worn (early 1930s) by some for (physical) activities like tennis. The long slacks (?) were fashionable at the time and neatly covered the shorts, if desired, for other activities. The cap doesn’t look like a bathing cap but would appear within current fashion otherwise. Just guessing. Puzzlement! She has been captured standing (on something) where the water is at least an inch (or so) deep. Wonder why? Thanks for showing this … a treat to see.

  2. Thanks for correcting me concerning my fashion analysis. I agree with you. This photo postcard is a “treat”.

  3. It looks like she is wearing “beach pyjamas”, rather than a bathing suit. Stylish women and girls would wear them to summer resorts, to hotel swimming pools, or to the beach, as in this photo. They were a matching/coordinating top with short sleeves, or no sleeves at all, sometimes with a matching bolero jacket, and wide-legged long trousers. Maybe she has her bathing suit underneath, but most often these suits were for walking around and sitting on the beach or by the side of a swimming pool on a summer day. Her hat, also, as Bill said, is more of a knit beret; if it were a swimming cap, it would be completely covering her hair. She’s wearing sandals, which are probably a type of espadrilles with a woven hemp sole; similar ones are still available. I agree that she looks like she is no more than 13 years old, and she looks very comfortable walking on the beach!

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