This post mortem cabinet card image features an older bearded man partially covered with flowers. The card on the bottom right hand corner of the image likely has the words of a prayer or a religious reading. The image has amazing clarity. The deceased gentleman is lying at an unusual angle. The photographer of this cabinet card image is the Kandel studio which was located in Schwabach, Germany. The town is near Nuremberg and in the center of the Franconia region in North Bavaria. Hopefully, visitors to the Cabinet Card Gallery will not find this image offensive. Photographs of deceased family members were commonplace during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in America and Europe. The images helped surviving loved ones through the grieving process. In addition, sometimes the post mortem photographs were the only images possessed by the deceased’s family. (SOLD)

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  1. This post mortem card is, I believe meant to be viewed on the horizontal, and then it will not be at “an unusual angle”.

    • Great observation. Thank you for the illuminating comment.

  2. I think the Name written on the back is “Heinrich Schaff” or “Heinrich Schäff”. Underneath is “memento mori” (Latin: “remember (that) you will die”)

    • Thank you for this translation as well as the other translations that you have provided. Your translations really enhance the experience of viewing these images. The adage, “remember (that) you will die” would not be socially acceptable if it was stated at a funeral or wake in America’s “death denying” culture.The quote is very thought provoking in the context of this photograph. .

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