This vintage real photo postcard features a stout woman posing with two cows. The woman is wearing a wide smile. One might say that she is in a state of udder delight. This bovine aficionado seems a bit young to have gone to pasture. A postcard like this one would likely fall in the “rare” category. Over the many years I have collected real photo postcards, I have yet to see one like it.

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  1. I have a postcard of my great-aunt which we call Mame and the calf. It is dated 25 April 1913. I would love to email a copy to you, if I knew the address.

  2. Love your puns!

  3. This one mooooved me!

  4. I’ve often been a bit startled by your descriptors of the subjects you are posting. I definitely want to know any specifics learned from the object itself, or any documentation, but hearing you proclaiming the beautiful, sweet, classy, reserved, stout assessments I don’t think they help me to see it for myself.
    Just saying I love your collections. Thanks


    • Duhhhhhh Jane

  5. Forget my comments please. The fun is in the looking and it is your blog and should express the joy you have with each of them.

    • My musings about each photograph on display in the Cabinet Card Gallery are sometimes opinions and sometimes facts. I hope that visitors enjoy the images displayed and occasionally learn something from the information that I provide. I certainly have learned a great deal from many of the comments that visitors make about the photographs. In addition, sometimes the comments are quite witty and make me laugh. I hope my attempts to add humor to some of my descriptions of the images are at least sometimes perceived as humorous. I am glad that you receive some joy from looking at the photographs in the gallery .

      • And what an astounding file to search. I had forgotten about it. Thanks again!

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