This vintage real photo postcard features two young men seated at a table having some beers. These guys seem relaxed and quite self assured. They are clearly not intimidated by the camera. The men are well dressed, one more formally than the other. They are wearing great looking hats. Take note of the urn under the table. I wonder if it has some meaning in this photograph or if it was just an available prop. It certainly looks out of place. The photographer, the studio, and the subjects are all unidentified.  SOLD




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  1. I can’t be certain, because the bottom of the table is cut off–but I believe that what appears to be an “urn” is part of the table–it is a decorative element that rests on the cross supports–I’ve seen similar antique tables with such décor that rests on the cross supports or stretchers, as they are sometimes called.

  2. I think your ‘urn’ is part of the support for the table. Just a decorative finial on the stretchers for the table legs. The shadows on the clothing are very interesting.

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