A well dressed pretty young woman poses for her portrait at the Dahl Brothers studio in Mayville, North Dakota. The woman is displaying a pretty smile and shows an air of confidence. She is wearing a locket on a long thin chain. In the book “An Illustrated History of Lyon County, Minnesota” (1912), by Arthur P. Rose, the author reports that Julius T. Dahl (1874-?) was operating a photo gallery in Marshall, Minnesota. Although born in Minnesota, Dahl moved to North Dakota with his family at an early age and lived with them on a farm. He stayed on the farm until twenty-five years of age when he learned photography and opened a gallery in Mayville. He operated his business there for three years and then opened a gallery in Kindred, North Dakota which remained in business for four years. In 1908 he began his photography studio in Marshall. In 1897 Dahl married Carrie Fatland. Wikipedia states that Mayville was founded in 1881 and named after “May Arnold”. What was May Arnold’s claim to fame? Apparently, she was the first white child born in the vicinity of the town. Not much of a claim to fame in my book but the 1880’s were a different era and a time characterized by more overt racism than today.  (SOLD)

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  1. Beautiful. I may be seeing things (again) but that resembles a winding stem on the ‘locket’. Maybe … my vision is ‘age related bad’. Elegant lady.

    • Yes, I think you are correct, I believe this lady is wearing a watch, not a locket. What a lovely gown, and a sweet, serene expression on her face! Beautiful portrait, excellent tonal contrasts.

  2. This young woman’s expression reflects such composure. Such a soft, real kind of loveliness that wouldn’t stand a chance in the botox, implants and hair extension crowd. So glad she didn’t live long enough to learn how to “Twerk”. – Or see anyone else ‘dance’ it. Of course, there would be arrests for public indecency, affronts to morals, etc. Not now. Anyway, I’m getting away from your wonderful card. Thanks CC

    PS: Can we avoid any comments about “overt racism like now”? We all have political opinions that vary. Agree or disagree, I don’t think these kinds of remarks add to the pleasant experience of viewing and collecting CC cards. Thanks!

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