This vintage real photo postcard features a a little girl
dressed in her winter clothing using her umbrella to 
protect her from falling snow.The little girl is adorable
and is wearing a very cute expression.The postcard is 
a New Years card. On the message side of the postcard 
is a sweet note from Aimee Banchet to her "Godmother and 
Uncle". Google Translate came up with a rough translation 
indicating that the card is a message from a niece 
to her Aunt and Uncle wishing them much love and happiness 
upon the New Year. The card is addressed to Mr and 
Mrs Martin who resided in the town of Chonon les Bains, 
France.The town is located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
region of eastern France. The postcard is from the early 
1900's.The logo for the postcard publisher appears to
be "H.B.". Two postcard publishers used those initials; 
Hutson Brothers Ltd (London,England) and Hoursch & 
Bechstedt (Cologne,Germany).  

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  1. What a time it was. Queen Victoria died and new century began with so much excitement and dreams for the future of the world. There was a gaiety in that short time reflected by the music and popular tunes. With the advent of the First World War, how things changed. This is truly a moment of sweet purity that would be harder and harder to come by as the world “progressed”. Thank you Cabinet Card. – Doesn’t “Aimee” mean ‘loved one’?

    • You are correct about the meaning of the word “Amiee”. The word does mean “Loved One” and Amiee is the original form of the name Amy. It is of French origin. Thanks for your comment.

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