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The beautiful woman seen on this vintage real photo postcard is Miss Paulette. I have been unable to find biographical information about her. The former owner of this photo postcard identified her as Miss Paulette and stated she performed in Paris at the Folies Bergere, a cabaret music hall established in 1869. This portrait of the actress is risque for it’s era but it is certainly tastefully done. In an attempt to identify this actress, I came across the five postcards seen below. I believe that the pretty woman seen in the postcard above is Paulette Del Baye although I lack any concrete convincing evidence. This postcard has a German stamp that is postmarked in Rixdorf (a neighborhood in Berlin). The card was postmarked 1912.  The postcard was published by Neue Photographische Gesellschaft (NPG) which was located in Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany.The company was in business between 1894 and 1948. It was founded by Arthur Black (1862-1943) and it became one of the most well known and largest companies involved in the production of postcards.   SOLD


Vintage French RPPC Postcard Artist Stage Star Miss Paulette   Paulette

Image result for postcard Miss paulette  Paulette

Image result for postcard Miss paulette  Paulette Del Baye

Image result for postcard Miss paulette  Paulette Del Baye

c-1907-French-Theater-Beauty-Mlle-DEBRIVES-fashion-tinted-photo-postcard  Paulette Debrives

Paulette Debrives

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  1. Hi there,,

    Love this one! Other photos of her in this costume and pose are identified as having been associated with the Eldorado. I think the photographer was Monsieur Oricelly of Paris. I also think that this artiste’s mouth is a bit thin and her expression unusually somber for Mlle. Del Baye, and I believe this might have been Paulette Darbon. That’s just my guess, of course, and no better than anyone elses. It’s just that Paulette Del Baye was pretty much the most popular “Paulette” of Paris at that time and images of her abound…when looking through them, I think the resemblance is a bit thin, whereas Mlle. Darbon, though she was less well known and we’ve only seen one other image of her, the resemblance is pretty darned close. I can send you a convo with an image if you’d like. Don’t know if I can do it on this site. Love seeing what you find, as always.

    Best, Red

    • Thank you Red. I appreciate your comment about the identity of Miss Paulette. I also respect your knowledge in this area and have enjoyed reading your descriptions of “celebrity”postcards for a number of years. I noticed that the woman seen in this postcard has a thinner face than Miss Del Baye and I wasn’t very confident about my hypotheses. I would be very interested in seeing a photograph of Paulette Darbon and had much difficulty finding one. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, please send me a scan of her image. My address is cabinetcardgallery@gmail.com. Thanks again.

  2. Sent it 🙂

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