This vintage photograph features two men. What is the story behind this photo? The men are fairly well dressed, but not in a way that they appear to be going to a formal social event. My guess is that this is an occupational photograph. One man is holding a pencil and a sheet of paper. Are these men reporters? Are they some sort of order takers? What’s your guess? Note that the gentleman are posed in a manner that each has one foot on a stool. The stool is a somewhat unusual prop for this era photograph. The identities of the subjects and the photographer are unknown.  (SOLD)

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  1. Just an endless supply of cabinet cards
    Keep them coming!

  2. The gentleman on the right, I assume, is the ‘boss’ (more nattily dressed and his shoes are shined) … and the other his faithful assistant (less fashionable and ready to take down orders). The backdrop is puzzling, even displaying an undecipherable picture on the wall … adding no hints about the subjects. I assume the use of the stool was the photographer’s suggestion. I hesitate to note that on magnification the boss’ face, ignoring the dreadful hat, resembles a younger Adolf Hitler. (I’m seeing things again?) I love these old gems … they stir the imagination.

    • My wife had the same thought about the boss/worker relationship between the two subjects in this photograph. The backdrop is not horrible but it gives the impression that these guys are standing in the fog. Thanks for your comments. They are always insightful and humorous.

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