family buggy

family buggy screen shot This vintage real photo postcard features a young farm boy steadying a horse by holding on to it’s bridle. The horse is hitched to a buggy. Presumably, the girls occupying the buggy are the boy’s two younger sisters. In the background, stands a large barn or stable. Also in the background is an adult woman who is standing on the porch of the house. She is wearing a hat and holding an umbrella. On the ground next to the horse is a cluster of boxes and a pail. This photograph appears to have been taken out in the country, where and when, horse and buggy transportation was not uncommon.  (SOLD)

family buggy 2

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  1. Wish those days were back…I’ve been reading Travels In a Donkey Trap by Daisy Baker, which is calming.
    THEN a message from KDP set me off again. They tell me that the book you received was bought previously and the royalty was paid on it at CS. Can you tell me who shipped the package? If you bought it through a 3rd party dealer, that’s OK (my husband and I used to be dealers in used books) so long as you weren’t overcharged. They also want the Product ID, which is on the last page, under the barcode. And I’d appreciate the other info on that page, about where and when it was printed. THANKS! I hope this will be the end of it.

    • In case you missed seeing this (or thought by my OK if you bought a used copy meant I didn’t need an answer — I do, for the records)) here’s what
      KDP told me: “If you want to know the specific royalty event that the copy is related to, we’ll need the product ID of the book. Product ID of the defective books (the Product ID is on the last physical page of the book under the barcode. If there are multiple defective books, provide the product ID for each book.)”
      I noticed that they mentioned “defective books” which should not be the case here; don’t know why that was even brought up. But I’d be very much interested in the condition of the book you received.

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