lohdi 1 This vintage real photo postcard features German/Hungarian actress Lottie Loder (1910-1999). She was born in Nuremberg, Germany. Loder started her career as a dancer in Vienna. She was a “talkie” film actress (Warner Brothers). She was known for “A Soldier’s Plaything (1930), “Oh, Sailor Behave! (1930), and “Men of the Sky (1931). Her career was brief. The brunette leading lady, according to IMDb, acted in just five films between 1930 and 1931. Warner Brothers brought her to Hollywood to compete with MGM’s Greta Garbo, and Paramount’s Marlene Dietrich. Note Loder’s “dutch cut” hairstyle. She clearly copied Colleen Moore’s 1920’s trademark hair style. Loder was in good company. Celebrated actress, Louise Brooks, also copied Miss Moore’s “dutch cut”. Loder died in Miami, Florida at about 89 years of age. This postcard portrait was published by Ross Verlag and was part of a series (no. 6042/1). The postcard promotes Warner Brothers films. This photo portrait postcard is in good condition. The postcard has a pinhole in the center of it’s top border above the image (see scans).


Buy this original Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes shipping within the US) #2643

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Buy this original Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes international shipping outside the US) #2643

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lohdi 2




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  1. Oh, the Lou-lou bob! It looks so good on many a girl!

  2. hi. just curious, why do you show the card 4 times? its kinda obvnocxuos. one is plenty.

    Rob Zammarchi Business Affairs Manager The Green Apple Kids Band Earth Friendly Music for Children 617.968.5044

    • Thanks for your feedback. The answer to your question is as follows. The photograph is shown four times, The top photo displays the entire image. The second photo is a close-up view of the image.. The third and fourth photo are there to assist and insure that buyers of the image, know exactly what they are purchasing. After an image is purchased, I quickly remove the third and fourth photos. On a desk top computer, the third and fourth photos are very small. Unfortunately, on a cell phone, the third and fourth images are generally large. Sorry for the length of this response. I hope you enjoy the Cabinet Card Gallery, despite your perceived obnoxiousness of multiple images.

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