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The young girl seen in this vintage real photo postcard is adorable. She has a wonderful smile and “sparkling” eyes. Note her high top shoes. This photograph was taken in a photo studio most likely located somewhere in Europe since that is where the postcard was purchased. I wish I knew more about this precious child. This portrait postcard excellent clarity and is in good condition (see scans).

Buy this original Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes shipping within the US) #2760

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Buy this original Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes International shipping outside the US) #2760

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  1. She was indeed a lovely child. She looks impoverished in what appears to be a makeshift dress and the odd aspect of her right sock. The high-topped shoes, absolutely typical of the day, look old and worn. Children of that time weren’t fashion icons. I hope her life was good.

  2. She has a sweet smile. What is that at the back of her?

    • That is a terrific question. I wonder if it has something to do with her right sleeve. Her right sleeve appears different than her left sleeve. Shinier and thicker. At first I thought it was a splint or some other orthopedic device, but now I don’t think so. Perhaps a visitor to this site will be able to solve the mystery.

      • I think she may be wearing a backpack–if you look closely, you can see the straps around her shoulders–the straps are nearly the same color as her jumper, but they are visible.

      • Thanks for sharing your observation. I think you are correct. Great detective work on your part. It is interesting how backpacks have been back in style for many years. Most of today’s students still use them. In the 1960’s kids where I grew up (NY), used small brief cases or rubber straps that held a pile of books together for easy transport.

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