This carte de visite portrait features Austria-Hungarian theater actress Hermine Albrecht (1856-1929). She studied acting with German actor, Karl Wilhelm Meixner and made her debut in 1875. In that year she signed with the Vienna City Theater where she worked until 1884. In 1887 she joined the ensemble of Burgtheater ensemble and in 1890 she was appointed a court actress. She left the theater in 1893 to join private life. She was married to Count Tamas Nyary de Bedegh (1838-1902). Her sister was also an actress (Charlotte Albrecht).The photographer of this image is Dr Szekely. He  is cited multiple times in the photographic journals of his time for his photography research. Dr Szekely operated a studio in Vienna, Austria. As of this writing, the Cabinet Card Gallery has two other photos by Szekely. One of these images is of Austrian theater actress Josephine Wessely (1860-1887). To view the other photographs by Szekely, place his name in the blog’s search box.This photograph was taken during or after 1873. This is known because of the the award medallions seen on the reverse of the photograph is dated 1873,   (SOLD)


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