This vintage press photo features Miss Jean Rutherford, winner of a beauty contest sponsored by the Daily Mirror, a newspaper in Great Britain. The contest had 22,000 entrants. Miss Rutherford was from Perth, a city in Scotland. Besides choosing a winner of the beauty pageant, the contest was supposed to determine whether manual or “brain workers” were the most beautiful. I guess this silly question was supposed to increase interest and excitement about the contest among the newspaper’s readers. Manual workers were determined to be the prettiest because Miss Rutherford worked as a domestic servant. Before I began researching Miss Rutherford, I was hoping that she went on from this contest and has a successful career as an actress, or some other profession. Unfortunately, my preliminary investigating did not reveal any information about what happened to Miss Rutherford after her victory. This press photo was formerly part of the collection belonging to Victor Forbin (1864-1947), accomplished French writer. This photograph measures about 6″ x 8″ and is in good condition (note staining near the upper right hand corner).    (SOLD)


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  1. Respectfully inquiring–the photo identifies her as “Jean Rutherford” while your descriptive headline states “Anne Rutherford” — Anne Rutherford was actually a well-known actress at MGM studios in the 1930’s and 1940’s–perhaps best-known in her recurring role of “Polly” the girlfriend of Mickey Rooney’s “Andy Hardy” character in the popular film series.

    • Thank you for pointing out my error. The headline should have used the name “Jean Rutherford” rather than “Anne Rutherford”. When I wrote the headline, the well known “Anne” overpowered the nearly unknown “Jean” in my mind. At least I didn’t call her “Rutherford B” Hayes. Thank you again for the correction. I really do appreciate it and I will correct the headline.

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