This snap shot photograph tells a story. It may go something like this. It is a cool winter day in France. Its 1966. A handsome father puts on his winter coat and scarf, bundles up his two adorable children, and the family goes for an enjoyable brisk walk down the boulevard. They are not alone. A number of pedestrians are occupying the sidewalk. The man and his children are well dressed and appear fairly affluent. An inscription, written in French, can be found on the reverse of the photo. Perhaps a visitor to the Cabinet Card Gallery will be able to translate the inscription for the rest of us. The photograph measures about 2 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ and is in very good condition (see scans).

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  1. How sweet.

  2. Re : translating the inscription : 3rd sentence : il fait un peu froid = it is a little cold.
    Sentence # 4 is difficult, however the last word is ‘lard’ so I think he is trying to be amusing (hence the exclamation points) by saying that he looks ‘fat’ – Btw, the letter ‘d’ in Froid matches the ‘d’ in Lard –
    PS: We were wondering what the name is imprinted on the left side of the 2nd line with the initials A B? Thank you, JSDM –

    • Thanks for visiting the CCG and for your translation. In addition, thanks for your question. The name imprinted on the reverse of the photo is Agfa-Brovira. This is the company that produced the black and white paper that this photograph is printed on. Actien-Gesellschaft fur Anilin-Fabrikation (AGFA) was founded in 1867 and it was located in Berlin. Initially the company manufactured the chemical compounds used in developing photos. However, in 1913, AGFA began producing photo paper. The paper used for the “On the Boulevard” photo was produced during World War II, although, it was not used until after the war had ended. The company used different logos at different times which facilitates identification of the dates that photos were developed.

  3. Thanks for the Agfa-Brovira info, most interesting.
    Regarding the final line of the inscription : Il parait que (It appears/seems that – from the verb paraitre) je suis tres (I am very) a . . . lard (flabby/fat).
    Also note that the ‘d’ in ‘froid’ + ‘lard’ matches the ‘d’ in ‘Boulevard.’

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