belfast maine house rppc 7

This vintage real photo postcard features an early version of an “Airbnb”. A sign in the front of the house announces that the residence is “The House Beside The Road” and that it is “For Overnight Tourists”. The house was located in Tilton, New Hampshire. The postcard’s caption states that the proprietors of the house were Mr. and Mrs. O.G?. Ladd. Note the the nice car in the driveway. The postcard was published by Eastern Illustrating Company. The company was started in 1909 by R. Herman Cassens in the town of Belfast, Maine. At the turn of the century,  postcards were an extremely popular mode of communication. They also were highly collectable. Cassens had a dream of “Photographing the Transcontinental Trail from Maine to California”.  He aimed to focus on small rural towns. However, Cassen and his staff of photographers mostly concentrated on New England’s and New York’s rural areas. They produced “real photo postcards” rather than mass produced postcards. Cassens sold his business in 1947 and died a year later.    SOLD

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