This vintage real photo postcard is absolutely adorable. The card features two cute little girls dressed as Pierrots. A bottle of champagne lies on the floor in front of the children. For those unfamiliar with the word “Pierrot”, the term describes a stock comic character of old French pantomime. Pierrots generally have a whitened face and wear loose white clothes. Printing near the top of the postcard states “Gelukkig Nieuwjaar” or “Happy New Year” in Dutch. The photographer of this lovely image is H. E. Kiesel who operated a studio in Berlin, Germany. The postcard was published by the firm, Regel & Krug, which operated in Leipzig, Germany.  The card is part of a series (no. 4444/5). Regel & Krug were in business from 1894 until 1907. They printed and published postcards and specialized in “Greetings from” cards, real photo cards, and cards that used colorizing and gelatine finish. The firm was established by Friedrich Louis Georg Regel and Sylvester Richard Krug. This postcard has a Belgian stamp and was postmarked in the city of Ghent, a port city in northwest Belgium. The postmark is dated 1912 and was written from one sister to another.   (SOLD)

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