This vintage real photo postcard features pretty stage and film actress Peggy Rush. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, in around 1898. Her parents relocated to England when she was just three months old. Miss Rush began her stage career playing in musical comedy choruses.  In 1915 she played such a role in New York. She was a member of the company that appeared in “Quinneys” at the Maxine Elliott theatre. The Green Book magazine (1916) reported that for for the first three seasons Rush appeared on stage, she was a chorus girl for the first year, and she was a leading lady for the final two seasons. A reviewer in “The Theatre” magazine described Rush as “fascinatingly girlish”. The New York Times (1916) reported her engagement to to the Honorable George St. John Brodrick, the eldest son of Viscount Middleton and heir to the peerage (definition – those holding title).  George St John Brodrick, 2nd Earl of Midleton (1888 –1979) was an English aristocrat, landowner and soldier. It was not unusual for actresses or chorus girls to meet and marry titled individuals. Some of these men were “stage door Johnnies”. A photograph by the Bassano studio (1923) can be found in Britain’s National Portrait Gallery. I also found a notice of Rush’s divorce from her titled husband. I uncovered a 1924 press photo of Peggy Rush. The caption of the image discloses that the Viscountess Dunsford (Formerly Peggy Rush) was suing her husband, the count, for divorce. He went on to marry two more actresses. Miss Rush had a sense of humor. She once said that she never knew whether to refer to herself as American or English. She quipped that she felt safest calling herself a Chicagoan. This photo postcard was published by Rotary Photo as part of a series (no.A171-2).The card is “hand painted” and part of the “British Beauty” series. The postcard was written and postmarked in 1917. This real photo postcard is in very good condition.

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  1. I’m hooked on watching YT videos of people who take viewers on a tour of abandoned houses. I wonder if I’ll see this family’s artifacts. Sad, but mesmerizing.

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