A pretty young actress with sad and haunting eyes and a polka dot dress poses for her portrait. She exudes a dramatic air and its likely no coincidence that this photograph was found in a collection of theatrical cabinet cards. The photographer of this image was the Murillo studio of St. Louis, Missouri. One source reports that the Murillo studio was operated by Jesse J Ferguson and existed at least between 1910 and 1919. To view other photographs by Murillo, click on the category “Photographer: Murillo”.  Note the reverse of this photograph, seen below, because this is your opportunity to see a ghost. Well maybe not a ghost, but a ghost image for sure. I am guessing that the image formed by being pressed tightly against the front of another cabinet card creating the ghost like image. However, photography historians have written that some photographers purposely created ghost images for their clients. Why? Sometimes they were asked to, and sometimes they had their own nefarious reasons.   SOLD

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  1. Hello – Is this a photo you are offering for sale?

    • This photograph will ultimately be for sale. Unfortunately, due to corona virus, I do not have easy access to it right now. I will do my best to retrieve it in the next few weeks. Thanks for your interest.

      • Thanks! If possible, I’d appreciate you letting me know – my email is

  2. I just wanted to check in and see if there was any further news on this photo – thanks!

    • I am so sorry to keep you waiting. I have gone through a number of boxes of cabinet cards without finding it yet. I realized today that I am having difficulty because this photo was listed in 2012. I have not gone through the 2012 box but I will do so this weekend or in the coming week. Once again, so sorry. I am confident that I will locate it. bruce

      • Thanks, I appreciate the effort!

  3. Checking back to see if there’s any update on the photo – thanks!

    • I retrieved the photograph and it is in my possession. I was thinking about listing it on a popular (four letter name) auction site before placing it for sale in the cabinet card gallery.. I am not sure yet of what price I will list it at. If it does not sell at auction, I will sell it to you directly at the asking price (if you think its a fair price). I really want you to end up with this photograph due to your strong interest in it. It is a lovely photograph. Do you have a special interest in the work of the Murillo studio?

  4. I’m definitely very interested in the photo, in part because I simply like it and also because Murillo seems to have photographed a number of actors and actresses touring through town, which I find interesting. If there is a price you have in mind for it, please let me know at – I’d love to obtain it.

    • I will let you know via your email when it is listed and the opening price. Thanks. Photos of touring performers by Murillo is a great focus (no pun intended). I will keep an eye out for other images of performers by Murillo

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