This vintage postcard features Schine’s Kenton Theatre, located in Kenton, Ohio. The Kenton Theatre was built in 1929 and joined the Schine’s theatre chain. The theatre was built in a Spanish Colonial style. It had murals painted on the auditorium and lobby walls. In 1993, the theatre was purchased by M. E. Theatres and the building was remodeled. The renovation included the construction of a new marquee modelled after the original (1930’s style). This postcard depiction of the Kenton Theatre shows the marquis advertising a film starring Greta Garbo. The sign states “Garbo Talks”. This reflects that transition from silent films to “talkies” which occurred between 1926 and 1930. Greta Garbo (1905-1990) was a Swedish American actress who was active in films between 1920 and 1941. She played many tragic characters in her career and is considered by many to be one of the greatest female stars of classic Hollywood movies. This postcard was published by the Wagner Post Card and Novelty Company. The firm was located in Delphos, Ohio. SOLD


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