This vintage postcard features a beautiful collie. The dog has a wonderful expression. It appears that the collie is smiling. The caption on the card states “Our Pet”. The postcard was published by J. N. Chamberlain. The firm was located in Miami, Florida. The printer of this card was C. T. American Art. This company was a leading postcard publisher and printer. They operated between 1898 and 1978. The company was founded by Curt Teich (1877-1974) in 1898. It was headquartered in Chicago and known as the Curt Teich Company. (SOLD)

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  1. Last week, you had an ad at the bottom that I THOUGHT was legit– but when I received the mosquito zapper called FUZE BUG, it was an expensive scam–something I didn’t find out until I tried to open the thing and nothing would pull off, twist off, nor behave the way the video at that link promised. Now the link apparently isn’t working, so maybe you found out the hard way. I intend to pursue this until I either get my $$$ back or expose them on my own frequently-visited sites. You Tube videos already confirm that it is not what it claimed to be.

    • I am sorry that you were scammed. I noticed the ad on my site and thought something wasn’t right about it. The ads have run on my site for a number of years , and there has not been a problem that I am aware of. Usually they advertise well known companies and products. It may help you in your quest to know the name of the company that ran the advertisement. The company is wordads and they have a big presence on wordpress. Once again, sorry to hear that you were scammed. bruce

      • All is not lost! I started to complain to the BBB in NJ, where the place claimed to be based, but deleted my half-finished complaint. There ARE features I am happy with–the main one being a HUGE flashlight which I was pining for, as we have a cabinet that holds everything from bug spray to screws, which I have to unpack and clear out at least once every 2 years. NOW I can hold the FBug light and see what I’m looking for. Ditto a pantry and a bedroom clothes closet which remained unlit since the house was built in 1927! So rather than pay for wiring in 3 places, I can simply carry the light with me. AND another button turns it into a strobe light with which I can intimidate anyone trying to break in. LOL

      • All’s well that ends well. That is true, That is true, at least, ,according to Shakespeare.

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