A pretty woman poses for her portrait at the studio of Alois Koestler in Munich, Germany. She is shapely and beautifully dressed. Her facial expression gives her the appearance of someone who is extremely stressed. It is as if her eyes are saying “I can’t take much more of this pressure!”. She look frazzled and exhausted. I wonder if this is just pure personal projection on my part or if other observers of this photograph see this young woman as appearing overwhelmed?  Hopefully, some visitors to the cabinet card gallery will leave their impression in the comment section. It is interesting to note that this photograph may have been taken during difficult times in Munich. Pre war was certainly tense and stressful times. Following the outbreak of World War I (1914); the Allies blockaded Germany and there were food and fuel shortages in Munich. Perhaps the subjects “hard knock life” appearance has to do with the stressful impact the war had on civilian life. This vintage cabinet card portrait has excellent clarity and is in very good condition (see scans)


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  1. T o me as someone who lived in Bavaria for quite a long time, she is just beautiful typically Bavarian-looking. The eyes are shaped like that and it is a special line formed by front and nose, often to find on faces in Bavaria, male and female faces, around Oberammergau etc., even looking somehow serious when joking. Don’t ask what I think about men’s faces shaped like that! mmmh….

  2. Her dress dates to the early 1900’s not WWI era. That rose pinned to her dress may have a thorn sticking her. Dress accessories were often added by the photographer so perhaps that hat does not sit well on her hair.

  3. Her face does have something of “self sacrifice” written all over it. Maybe an everyday state of mind, or a time where life is out of control and the only thing she’s left with is suffer through it and feel elevated by putting herself down. From the shadows under her eyes I’d think her daily grind fatigue is more of a chronic thing. Maybe beaten into obdeince in childhood. We’ll never know.

  4. Cover Photo


  5. And maybe it’s just a “take the dang picture already!” moment…
    –E in NW Ohio

    • good point

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