A farmer stands in his field with his wife and two young children. They seem to be “salt of the earth” type people and are likely living a hardscrabble life. The farmer is wearing overalls and holding a tool. His horse and plow and the family dog  are also in the photograph. This image is an unused real photo postcard. The identity of this farm family and the location of their farm are unknown.This vintage real photo postcard is in good condition (see scans). 


Buy this original Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes shipping within the US) #3837

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Buy this original Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes international shipping outside the US) #3837

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  2. The two children look healthy and so does the dog. I see two well-fed horses. I wonder how much land they had to farm? I wonder what crop(s) they raised. – It was a hard life, but families were dependent upon each other and close, if even out of necessity. The children weren’t playing with electronics and watching “adult” material on TV, whatever, and the mother actually spoke to them instead of gabbing on a phone. No malls. Only homemade food that she made from scratch – from bread to pies – and how many chickens did they have to catch, kill, boil and feather for a Sunday dinner? – A hard life, but you belonged to the land and it to you. There’s probably an expressway running through there today. – Thanks CC again, for all the “I wonder” photos and cards. – You’re the best.

  3. An outstanding photo — everyone does indeed appear healthy and content, though undoubtedly, the amount of hard work done by both Father and Mother would boggle the modern mind. I really like the confident and optimistic grin displayed by Mother — one often sees the same type of “can-do” expression captured decades later in photos of the WWII female workforce.

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