This vintage real photo postcard features English actress, Frances Wetherall (1868-1923). She appeared in films and on stage. Her filmography includes three films; “A Place in the Sun” (1916), “Nobody’s Child” (1919), and “Cinderella” (1921). She was married to film actor, H. R. Hignett. Wetherall acted in the play, “Gamblers All”, with Lewis Waller. Between 1894 and 1895, Wetherall was a member of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company. She continued to perform in musical and legitimate theater the rest of her life. This postcard portrait was taken at the Guttenberg Studio, in Manchester, England. The phtograher captured Miss Wetherall in her role as Cynisca in”Pygmalion and Galatia”. The photographer of this photograph is Percy Guttenberg of Manchester, England. The photo was taken in about 1905. Alexander Percy Guttenberg (1870-?) came from a family that produced a number of photographers. His father, Marcus Guttenberg (1828-1891) began as a daguerreotypist in Hungary, Prussia, Poland and Germany before starting a photography business in England (1851). One source reports that he established 24 studios in England but settled in the Manchester area. Percy, like his father, was also very successful. In fact, there are fourteen of his photographs in England’s National Portrait Gallery. Percy was famous for his work photographing actors and actresses.  (SOLD)


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