This vintage lithographic postcard features a group of Native Americans sitting (one is standing) in front of a teepee and making lacrosse sticks. Sitting in the group is a cute dog. Native Americans are credited with the development of the game of lacrosse. More specifically, the Iroquois Nation were originators of the game. The Iroqouis were in upstate New York and North of the US border into Canada. Lacrosse became Canada’s national sport. The netting on the Native American made sticks was made with wattup (roots) or deer sinew (connective tissue from deer). This postcard is rich in color and represents both Iroquois history and the history of Lacrosse. This card was published by Nerlich & Company (Toronto, Canada). Another version of this postcard has a caption reporting that the cards scene is located on Cornwall Island, Ontario, Canada. The postcard has a U.S. stamp and was mailed from Old Orchard Beach, Maine to Epping, New Hampshire in 1911.  (SOLD)

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  1. What a great picture

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