This vintage photograph features Italian silent film actress, Francesca Bertini (1892-1985). She is thought to be one of the leading silent film stars in the history of this movie form. Bertini was internationally acclaimed. She began her stage career at age seventeen and soon was performing on Italy’s silent screen. By 1915, she had made more than fifty films. She was thought to be beautiful, elegant, and charming. Hollywood’s Fox Film offered her a contract but she turned down the opportunity. She was married to Paul Cartier, a wealthiy Swiss banker, and wanted to move with him to Switzerland. This vintage photo portrait measures about 3 3/8″ x 5 1/2″ and is in very good condition (see scans).  


Buy this Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes shipping within the US) #3929

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Buy this Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes International shipping outside the US) #3929

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  1. Hi, recently I purchased from you a card of Caleb L Howe; I think it was listed under beards. My question to you is do you know who identified it as C L Howe? I live in the area where he did, and would just like to know the source of the identity. Do you know where it came from? Or who the person was that ID that cabinet card? Hoping you can help, thanks, K Stine

    • The initial identification of the subject of this cabinet card portrait, came from the person who sold me the photograph. He reported that the image came from a Howe family photo album which made his identification clear. During my research of this photograph I came across an engraved portrait of Caleb Howe that appears very similar to his cabinet card photo. Further research is required for better confirmation of the subject’s identity. The research is likely very doable. I would suggest contacting the historical society in Brattleboro if further assistance is needed. Good luck and enjoy the adventure.

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