This carte de visite photograph features actress, Miss Elizabeth Weathersby (1849-1887). She was born in London. Weathersby began as a burlesque performer at a young age. She came to the United States in 1869 as a member of a touring troupe. When the tour ran into financial problems, Weathersby was signed by Lydia Thompson to become a member of the “British Blondes”. The Blondes were extremely popular in New York that season. They were a burlesque troupe and their theatrical repetoire included comedy, pantomime, satire, improvisation, and song and dance. The show was saucy. The acts included cross-dressing, risque costumes and off color jokes. The company’s six month tour was extended to nearly six years. They returned to the US two more times to play to large audiences. The burlesque troup stirred up lots of protest and controversy, spawning an anti burlesque movement. This form of entertainment was considered disgraceful, indecent, and unnatural. Eliza was a popular member of the troupe. Weathersby married socialite, actor, comedian Nathaniel Goodwin and they formed their own burlesque company that was active between the late 1870’s until Eliza became ill in 1884. She died three years later in New York City. Her death was the result of a flawed gynelogical surgery. During her career, Weathersby appeared in 7 Broadway plays between 1870 and 1873. The IBDb lists “Robinhood” and “Pippin” among her appearances. This cdv portrait was photographed by an unidentified studio. The photograph is in good condition (see scans).


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