This close-up cabinet card portrait features a pretty woman wearing a lace dress. She is posing at the Otto Sarony Company studio and it a good guess that she was an actress considering Sarony’s history of photographing stage personalities. Perhaps the cabinet card gallery’s vast unpaid research department (it’s amazingly informed and helpful visitors) will be able to identify the subject of this photograph. To view other photographs by the Sarony studio, click on the category (Photographer: Sarony). Otto Sarony was the son of celebrated photographer Napoleon Sarony. (SOLD)

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  1. I believe that’s Minnie Maddern Fiske!

  2. This is a portrait of Minnie Maddern Fiske (1864?-1932), otherwise known simply as “Mrs. Fiske.” She came from an acting family and was a child prodigy, performing such roles as the little Duke in “Richard III” and Little Eva in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” She revolutionized acting in the United States by adopting the realistic style and promoting and performing dramatists like Ibsen. Some of her great roles were Hedda Gabler, Becky Sharpe, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and Salvation Nell.

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  4. this is mrs fiske. i have a photo of her in a different pose from the sane sitting

  5. Did this business become “photograph by Hall of Ny” I have a paper book called”Photographic Art Studies by Hall NY”. Also I have 2 photos that are on standard paper like from a book that are Otto Sarony Co Ny. How can I snap shot for you to see an tell me about what year they are from?

    • Here is some information about photographer Joseph Hall. He had studios in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York. He pursued his career between 1865 and 1915. Hall mass produced carte de visite portraits and albumin prints for the public. He also was a pioneer in producing photo-illustrated books in the 1860’s. He also was well known for being a premier photographer of professional baseball teams and players in the 1880’s. In addition, Hall did a lot of work in the area of photographing theatrical stars and productions. He died in 1915. In regard to your second question, your Sarony photographs are likely from a book. You can send copies of the images to me at cabinetcardgallery@gmail.com. I will try to identify the date that they were published. Not sure I can figure it out but I would be happy to try.

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