This cabinet card portrait features a very well dressed woman. She earns the title of being called a fashionista. The manner in she is dressed strongly suggests that she is affluent.This photograph was taken at the studio of James Alba Bostwick.  Bostwick’s studio was located between 8th and 9th Streets in New York City. I have at least three other cabinet photos by Bostwick, and his subjects all appear to be upper crust. Print on the reverse of the cabinet card notes that the studio was established in 1867. James Alba Bostwick was born in 1846 or 1848 in Livonia, New York. At one point in his photography career he was a partner in a firm named Bostwick and Bancker. A collection of Bostwick’s work is owned by the University of New Hampshire’s library. In 1927 Bostwick died in Brooklyn, New York.  He was 79 years of age at the time of his death. This cabinet card is in good condition (see scans). 



Buy this Vintage Original Cabinet Card (includes shipping within the US) #5288

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Buy this Vintage Original Cabinet Card (includes International shipping outside the US) #5288

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  1. Her intricate hairstyle would suggest affluence as well..

  2. Inherited from my grandmother.  I believe it is called a book necklace.  Clasp is

    • I looked up book necklaces and the subject is new to me but interesting. I found images of the book necklaces and they were interesting and pretty. Your second comment did not come through completely and was not functioning. Thanks for the information.

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