This vintage trade card is an advertisement for “Albany Dentists”. The practice was located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Albany Dentists was managed by Dr. N. A. Becker. The advertising copy on this trade card is very astute and interesting. The advertisement counters many of the objections people have about going to the dentist. The card states that “Teeth Extracted Positively Without Pain”. To counter women’s concerns about safety, the trade card asserts that there is a “Lady in Attendance”. For fearful patients, the advertisement states “Special Attention given to the Weak and Nervous”. Note the prices printed on the reverse of the card. An extraction cost twenty-five cents. A set of teeth only cost $5.50. Research discovered that there was a Dr. M. A. Becker that practiced dentistry in Lancaster. His full name was Dr. Michael Augustus Becker (1866-1938). It is very likely that the “N. A.” seen on the trade card is a misprint. This trade card was printed by the Calvert Lithograph Company (Detroit, Michigan). The firm was established in 1863. SOLD

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