Sarony, Falk and Mora were photographers known to specialize in photographing famous theatre personalities. Eisenmann is a photographer associated with portraits of circus and sideshow performers. A. & G. Taylor was on of several British photographers known as “Photographers to the Queen”. This cabinet card represents the work of a photographic studio that claimed “Clergymen’s Photographs a Specialty”. The reverse of this cabinet card has an elaborate back stamp of the “Brooklyn Catholic Photo. Co.”. The front of the cabinet card indicates the photographer was Robert McElligott  and that his studio was in New York City, New York. The relationship between McElligott and the Brooklyn Catholic Photo  Company is unknown, and research has not yet been fruitful in obtaining additional information. Hopefully, the vast unpaid research department of the Cabinet Card Gallery knows, or can locate relevant illuminating information about the studio and photo company listed on this cabinet card.  This cabinet card  image presents a portrait featuring a priest in his religious garb. Perhaps  the subject is not a priest but instead someone who holds another type of religious role in the church?


This cabinet card is a photograph of James Gibbons (1834-1921). Gibbons was an American Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as the Bishop of Richmond, Virginia and as the Arch Bishop of Baltimore, Maryland. He became a Bishop while quite young and was known as the “Boy Bishop”. He was elevated to Cardinal in 1886, becoming the second American Cardinal. He was an acquaintance of every American President from Andrew Johnson to Warren Harding. He was honored by Presidents Taft and Theodore Roosevelt. Gibbons advocated the creation of Catholic University and was its first Chancellor (1887). He was an advocate for labor and an author of several books and articles. His most well known book was “The Faith of Our Fathers” (1876). In later life, Gibbons was the public face of Catholicism in the United States.

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