This vintage real photo postcard features a handsome young cavalry man mounting his horse. The soldier is in uniform and wearing boots. The horse is calmly standing by at the ready. The cavalry man appears to hold the rank of sergeant. The postcard’s stamp box indicates that it was published sometime between 1918 and 1930. World War I was from 1914 through 1918, so there is a possibility that this soldier was involved in the war. An inscription on the reverse of the postcard indicates that the soldier’s name was Bert Stimson.

mounting 1

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A cavalry officer poses for his portrait at an unknown studio in an unknown location. This handsome military man is wearing what appears to be riding gloves and a sword in a sheath on his belt. He also has a belt buckle which may provide some additional information. However, limited magnification availability has precluded uncovering further identifying information on the buckle. It is unlikely that the subject is a member of an American cavalry unit. There is an embroidered crown on his left sleeve which may indicate he served in a Canadian or British mounted brigade. Another possibility is that the subject is actually an actor wearing a theatrical costume. Hopefully, a cabinet card visitor will leave an enlightening comment concerning this man’s identity.

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Handsome Spanish-American War Cavalry Soldier in Manila, Philippines (Private Dave Foley)

This cabinet card features U. S. Cavalry Private Dave Foley, in his khaki campaign uniform during the Spanish American War & Philippine Insurrection period (1898-1901). The photograph was taken in Manila, Philippines at the “Fotografia Universal”. The identifying information is typed on the reverse of this photograph. No further background information on this young soldier has been found. Perhaps a visitor to this site can uncover biographical information concerning Private Foley or the studio where this image was taken.