duluth family_0003A well dressed family looks quite handsome as they pose for their portrait at the Christensen studio in Duluth, Minnesota. The father is wearing an unusual tie while the son is wearing a more traditional tie and a wing tipped collar shirt. The mother is wearing a pin on the neckline of her dress. The photographer of this cabinet card is John Christensen. The Bulletin of Photography (1916) reported that Christensen was one of several Duluth photographers who signed a petition urging the licensing of traveling photographers who passed through the city. The petition stated that these traveling photographers enlarged pictures at very low prices but then compelled people to purchase very expensive frames. They also charged customers in advance to enlarge family photos and then left town without doing the work or returning the treasured photographs.

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An elderly gentleman poses for his portrait at the studio of Christensen and Morange, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The grey haired man, dressed in a suit,  is sitting in a chair next to an open book, which lies on a desk or table. The man’s pocket watch can be seen behind his open jacket. Note the interesting design of the chair that the gentleman is occupying. The old man’s facial expression is open to interpretation. At first glance, he looks quite serious; but upon further examination, he seems a bit amused as he stares at the photographer. The Christensen and Morange studio photographed a number of well known people in Denmark. Some of the photographer’s portraits are held by the Royal Library, in Copenhagen.  To view the Cabinet Card Gallery’s collection of photographs from Denmark, click on the category, “Denmark”.

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