This cabinet card portrait features a dapper young man with a handlebar mustache. Unfortunately, the handlebar needs alignment; one tip points down, while the other seems to have fallen creating a tonsorial crisis. Note the width of the gentleman’s necktie.This photograph was taken by Urlin & Pfeifer’s Mammoth Art Palace in Columbus, Ohio. Urlin and Pfeiffer are no strangers to the Cabinet Card Gallery. The gallery has photographs by Urlin and Pfeifer as individual gallery owners; as  well as multiple images taken during their partnership.  John A. Pfeifer (1859-1932) was active in the Columbus area from 1882 to at least 1913. For much of that time, he was partners with George C. Urlin (1854-1942). Urlin was active in Columbus between 1873 and 1887. The reverse of this cabinet card offers an interesting back stamp that highlights some of the medals the pair received for their photographic work. The latest date noted on these medals is 1887, which reveals that this cabinet card was photographed sometime during or after 1887. The advertising also notes that the firm was established in 1873. 


This cabinet card portrait features a young woman holding a chair in a tilted position. One can assume that she was instructed to do so by the photographer, George C. Urlin (1854-1942). The “tilted chair technique” greatly improves the image compared to those photographs where the subject stands next to a chair in it’s regular position. I think the technique makes the image appear less flat. Urlin’s studio was located in Columbus, Ohio and it was named “The Mammoth Art Gallery”. The studio was founded in 1873 and he was active in Columbus until 1887. At that time he moved to Cleveland for a couple of years and returned to his photography career in Columbus in 1889. At times Urlin worked in partnerships in Columbus. During his career, Urlin received many medal for his work, Some of these medals can be seen on this photographs back stamp. The latest medal shown is from 1885. There are several photographs by Urlin that are in the Cabinet Card Gallery collection. To see additonal images, click on the category “Photographer: Urlin”.

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This cabinet card portrait focuses on four young woman posing at Mulligan Brothers studio in Columbus, Ohio. The four women are likely sisters. They are conservatively or even plainly dressed with the exception of the seated women on the right side of the image. She also appears to be the youngest among the siblings. All of the young ladies are wearing jewelry at or near their collar. The woman standing on the right is wearing a cross. The Cabinet Card Gallery exhibits another cabinet card from the Mulligan studio. To view that photograph, put the name “Mulligan” in the Cabinet Card Gallery’s search box. At one point in their careers, the Mulligan Brothers were in partnership with another photographer. Terry and Patrick Mulligan were in business with John Pfeifer and an 1894 image of their Columbus studio can be seen below. Anthony’s Photographic Bulletin (1894) cited the studio for their fine work that was seen at a photography exhibition.

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