This vintage photograph features a well dressed handsome young man. He is wearing a three piece suit with all the accoutrements needed to make him very fashionable. He has a flower on his lapel, a tie tac on the knot of his tie, and a handkerchief in his jacket pocket. This photograph was taken at the Dorge studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Elias G. E. Dorge (1863-1915) worked as a photographer from 1891 until 1915. He worked most of his career in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Bulletin of Photography (1912) reports his purchase of a studio in Fargo, North Dakota. He worked in Fargo from 1911 until 1914. Before he went to work independently in Fargo, he had a partner who helped him operate the Dorge & Jansrud studio. Dorge was born in Norway and immigrated to America in 1881. He lived in Brooklyn, New York for about two years and then moved to Minneapolis where he worked as a photographer for 28 years. He was married to another Norwegian immigrant, Dorthea Batne. Dorge died suddenly of alcohol poisoning in 1915. Another source states he died of heart failure. This photograph measures about 4 1/8″ x 5 7/8″.

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Two men pose for their portrait at the Flaten Studio in Fargo, North Dakota. The men are well dressed and may be wearing identical outfits because they are in work clothing. They are looking quite handsome in their striped pants, vests, ties, and hats. Perhaps a visitor to the site may have a hypotheses concerning the reason the men are dressed alike. The date of this photograph is sometime after 1889, as before that time, the address of the studio would have been listed as “Dakota Territory”. To see other photographs by Flaten, click on Cabinet Card Gallery’s category, “Photographer: Flaten”. There is no concrete evidence that the Flaten in Fargo is the same gentleman as O. E. Flaten (the photographer of the other images in the “Photographer: Flaten” category), but it is certainly a reasonable possibility.

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