This cabinet card features a portrait of a “gangsta” little boy. Although it is unfair to defame this child merely on the basis of his appearance; it is difficult to get past his dour and sinister expression. He is dressed well for the occasion of his photograph. He is wearing a shorts suit with a handkerchief strategically placed in his jacket’s top pocket. He is sporting colorful woolen stockings and high button shoes. The boy is holding a thin walking stick, or riding crop. The photographer of this cabinet card is Wilbur W. Wright whose studio was located in San Jose, California. He is not the famed aviation pioneer, Wilbur Wright, brother of Orville Wright. Photographer Wright is listed in a number of San Jose business directories ranging from 1890 through 1907. The address of his gallery is listed as 24 Santa Clara Street, and not 284 Santa Clara Street, as printed on this cabinet card.

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