Look who’s riding into town! Its the Roberts brothers. Someone better go get the sheriff. This real photo postcard is quite interesting. The boys look comfortable on their horses. The kids are on large horses, not small ponies reserved for inexperienced child riders.They appear to know what they are doing. One of the boys has a whip. No cowboy hats for these guys. One is wearing a wide brim bowler while the other is sporting a cap. Note the dirt streets. The town may actually be a frontier town in the “old west”. Also take notice of the boy standing on the sidewalk. He seems truly interested in the horseback riders, or perhaps, the photographer. The young bystander is wearing knickers. The AZO stamp box on this postcard reveals that it was likely published sometime between 1904 and 1918. The cameraman was a studio photographer who was willing to take difficult photographs in the outdoors. (SOLD)

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This cabinet card offers a joy ride for the viewers imagination. The mind trip leads to a small town in the old west. Six men are gathered in the photography studio of E W. Beard. The men are members of a posse that has recently captured a notorious outlaw. They have come together for a group portrait, so that they can have a memento of their accomplishment. It would be terrific to know the real reason why these men are gathered together; but there is no explanatory evidence available. Further frustration and lack of success was encountered when trying to identify the location of the photography studio that produced this photograph.

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