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This vintage real photo postcard features a well dressed gentleman posing with his bicycle. Although this is a studio photo, the bicyclist looks like he is ready to go for a ride. His attire is such that his lower pant legs are prevented from becoming entangled in the spokes of his bicycle tires. The gent is wearing a bicycle club badge on his cap. A note on the reverse of the postcard states “Osmond Cycle”. The Osmond Cycle Company was located in Birmingham, England. Frederick John Osmond was born in 1867. He was a bicycling super star. He later manufactured bicycles under his own name. He was managing director and works manager of his firm, which employed 120 people. He was a trained engineer who joined the Whitworth Company in Birmingham as the cycle department manager. He began there in 1891 but after being demoted to make room for the owners son, Osmond left and he and his brother opened their own bicycle company. At that point in time, Osmond was a legend in the sport of bicycling. He won his first major title on a tricycle in 1887. He was only a one year veteran in the post at the time of his victory. Three years late, he began riding on two wheels and he dominated the one, five, twenty-five, and 50 mile events. Osmond’s company produced motorcycles between 1902 and 1925. The business was sold in 1911 but maintained the Osmond name until the late 1920’s. This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).  (SOLD)

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