prostitutes 1 This vintage real photo postcard features a group of six prostitutes posing for their portrait in Casablanca, Morocco. They are gathered around a table. Atop the table is a tray of glasses and what looks to be, a silver tea pot. The women are likely waiting to be selected by the next visitor to their brothel. The caption below the photograph roughly translates from French to “Morocco- The neighborhood reserve of Casablanca- an original tea”. The photographer of this photo is Marcelin Flandrin (1889-1957). Flandrin moved to Morocco in 1901 and volunteered for the military in 1912. He served as an Army photographer. Around this time, Morocco came under French rule. He corroborated with the French government and tourist boards. He was very involved with the French Protectorate government. Flandrin was criticized by some Moroccans for reinforcing “Orientalist” stereotypes . During the Rif War (Spain vs. Berber tribes), he published a number of reports. During World War I he served in the Air Force as an air observer, taking aerial photos of fighting. After the war he moved to Casablanca and went to work taking many photographs between 1921 and 1930. He published many photo books about Morocco. Flandrin was also an important postcard publisher in Morocco.

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This cabinet card captures Alice Marot sitting on a window sill in Benque’s photographic studio in Paris, France. Alice Marot was a high class prostitute. She appeared in “The Pretty Women of Paris”, a privately printed guide to Paris’s best courtesans and prostitutes. The guide provided names, addresses, qualities, and faults for each women. According to the directory, Marot could be found a 4 Rue de Marigan. The guide describes Marot as a “sprightly fair, little whore” who had been quite lucky to rise above a checkered career on the provincial stages. When she came to Paris, she utilized the Palais Royal Theatre to enlarge the circle of her lovers. She was considered by other members of “the army of  cupid” to be a threat because she had a propensity to “tumble on her back” at all hours of the day and night. Benque’s studio was located at 33, Rue Boissy D’Anglas. M. M. Benque was a well known celebrity photographer.