Three men, dressed in western fashion, pose for photographer D. W. Carpenter, in La Junta, Colorado. The men may be ranchers or businessmen, judging by their clothing. They seem less likely to be cowpokes. The men are dressed in their finest clothing and wearing three different types of neckwear. A standard necktie, a bandana type tie, and a bow tie, are all represented. To of the men are wearing  pins. The gentleman standing on the left in the image has a pin with a portrait of a woman. The seated man’s pin has words on it but they are not decipherable with available magnification. The two standing men are displaying some affection, not commonly seen among males on cabinet cards of this era. La Junta, Colorado, is located on the Arkansas River, in southeast Colorado. The town was formed in 1881 and was a railroad town (Santa Fe Railroad) that became a center of trade. It is interesting to note that this photograph was taken not long after the formation of La Junta.

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