This Cabinet Card is a portrait of a Spanish American War era soldier posing in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio was a city where a number of troops were organized for participating in this war. Note that the soldier is well armed with both a rifle, bayonet, and knife. Check out his ammunition belt.  Ironically, the cabinet card’s photographer, Lewison Brothers, headquarters their studio on South “Alamo” Street. This street is the location of the famous Alamo which was the location of a battle to the death which occurred in the war for Texas independence.

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Military Sharpshooter in Bangor, Maine

sharpshooterThis Cabinet Card subject is a military sharpshooter photographed by Heath of Bangor, Maine. The soldier is wearing medals including one that names him as a sharpshooter. The other medals include one representing Sons of Union Veterans. He also appears to be wearing Medical Maltese Crosses on his collar. Any information from readers of this blog about the type of medals this soldier is wearing, would be greatly appreciated.

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