Postcard collectors sometimes encounter photo postcards that heighten curiosity but defy explanation. This vintage real photo postcard is a perfect example of such a card. The image is comprised of five pretty young women wearing unusual hats. Perhaps I should say “bizarre” rather than “unusual”. I believe their hats are made of paper, although they are designed to look like feathers. Two of the hats have a design that includes a crescent moon. If I was asked to judge this photo, I would give the “Creativity Award” to the woman wearing paper earrings. Why are the women wearing these hats. Perhaps they are performers in a show? Another theory is that they may be dressed for a party or for a carnival. What’s your guess? The studio that took this photograph was named “La Photo Mecanique” (The Mechanical Photo). I believe, with great uncertainty, that the studio was located in St. Martin, France. It is also my belief that this postcard was published between 1913 and 1929,  given that it has a Crown Studio stamp box.   (SOLD)


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