This cabinet card portrait features three men wearing western style fancy clothing. Note their brimmed hats. One wonders if it was a special  occasion that brought these three well dressed men to a photography studio. This image was produced at the Teilborg studio in Wausa, Nebraska. The town’s name “Wausa” begs for an investigation regarding the name’s origin. The town was started in 1882 and was originally named Thorson. A number of Swedish immigrants settled there and in 1885, the town’s name was changed to “Vasa” in honor of the Swedish king (Gustaf Vasa). When the railroad arrived in 1890, the town’s name was changed once again. The town became known as “Wausa”, a combination of the King’s name and the letters “U.S.A”. Preliminary research found no information about this image’s photographer (Teilborg).   (SOLD)

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