This cabinet card is a portrait of theatre actress, Verona Jarbeau. Jarbeau often played comedienne roles. Performing Arts (1887) reported on the success of one of her performances. The writer states that 3,000 people crowded into Philadelphia’s Academy of Music to hear the Duff Opera Company perform Von Suppe’s “A Trip to Africa”. The cast was described as “strong” and included Lillian Russell (see her photographs in Cabinet Card Gallery), and  Jarbeau. The article states that Jarbeau was the hit of opera when she performed a song in French. The audience applauded and laughed as loud as they possibly could, despite the fact that very few in the audience could understand what she was singing. This cabinet card image was photographed by celebrity photographer, Sarony. To view other photographs by Sarony, click on the category “Photographer: Sarony”.