four guys

The boys were out on the town and decided to go to Mr Lindahl’s studio on Tacoma Avenue to have their portrait taken. They were very close friends and wanted to have a record of their comradery. Maybe that is exactly how these four boys ended up in the photographers studio the day that this image was taken. The young men in this picture look like they knew how to have fun. In fact, they seem to have enjoyed posing for their photograph. The boys are well dressed and exude an air of excitement and mischievousness. The photograph measures about 5″ x 7″.


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She woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror. “Oh no”, she exclaimed! “I’m supposed to go down to Winchester and Bardo’s studio for a cabinet card portrait and I am having the worst hair day of my life”. Always a quick thinker, she took her shawl out of her bedroom chest of drawers, and placed it strategically over her head, covering most of her wild locks of hair.  She looked in the mirror, exited the front door, and with some apprehension, walked to the photography studio on First Street, in Walla Walla.  On the way to the photographer, she was approached by an inquisitive out of town visitor who asked her why the town was called Walla Walla.  She explained to the visitor that proud Walla Walla residents like to say that their town was so nice, that they named it twice.  She added that if the truth be told, Walla Walla is a Native American expression for “place of many waters”.

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