This cabinet card portrait features an adorable little girl with a terrific smile. She is holding her china head doll. The close-up view of the child makes this image quite special. The photographer of this photograph was Fred Jorns who operated a studio in Girard, Illinois. Frederick W. Jorns (1857-1943) was once partnered with William L Harrod in operating a studio in Girard. In addition they operated the Jorns and Harrod Palace Art Car. This was a mobile studio that travelled the rails stopping in towns in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. The studio car was pulled by an engine from the Cincinnati-Chicago and St. Louis Railroad. An 1892 photo of the studio rail car can be seen below. Fred is the gentleman wearing the suit. Jorn’s father, Gustav Jorns, immigrated from Germany in 1848. He married in 1856 and learned the photography business from his brother-in-law. Gustav established a photo studio in Springfield, Illinois. Gustav’s son, Fred learned the photography business from his father and set up his own studio in Girard. Fred married Lena Hann in 1884 and a portrait of the couple can be seen below.The couple travelled together on the Palace Art Car leaving their three children with relatives. Jorns sold his photography business around 1901 and became a grocer. He later resided in the Oklahoma Territory and then Houston, Texas. Please note the cabinet card portrait below which captures Fred Jorns reclining on a chaise. Initial research was unsuccessful in determining whether Fred Jorns operated his studio alone before he partnered with William Harrod or visa versa.