Cute Little Girl with Big Lace Bonnet in Astoria


This wide eyed cute little girl  is posing for her portrait at the Crow studio in Astoria. Note her her terrific curls. Research was not productive to determine whether this is the Astoria that is located in Queens, New York; or another Astoria, such as the one in Oregon. The only certainty is that the little girl is adorable as she dons her large lace bonnet for her sitting at the photographer.

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  1. I just recently acquired an old photo of a Steam ship dated 1883. It is marked Crow, Photo., Astoria, Or……so I am also beginning to research this photographer. There is a very nice Maritime Museum in Astoria. It’s about a three hour drive North from where I live, so one of these days.

    • It seems you have solved the mystery. The cute little girl from Astoria appears to be from Oregon, not New York. Please share some of the information that you learn about this photographer (Crow). Thanks.

  2. Samuel B. Crow operated a studio in Astoria, Oregon, from 1884 through 1893. He may have been Oregon’s first native-born photographer, as he was born there in 1853.
    Beginning his career in Coquille in 1876, he moved on to Portland after he left Astoria. He did both portraits and scenic views.
    I have a couple of his photos on my website, at and

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