larimer streetThis Cabinet Card is a portrait of a very beautiful young woman photographed by Alfred Edward Rinehart in Denver, Colorado.  She is wearing a necklace and earrings and her hair style is meticulously done and the style appears unusual for photographed women of this time period. Perhaps she is an actress or was part of Denver’s high society.  Rinehart’s studio was located on one of Denver’s oldest and most historic blocks (Larimer Street). Rinehart was a pioneer photographer who came to Denver from Lafayette, Indiana in 1874.  He was the city’s leading photographer during the mining boom and photographed many of the early Denver pioneers.  His subjects included Kit Carson and Mountain Man Jim Baker.  Rinehart died at age 63 in 1915.


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  1. Fotografia Ślubna – Twoje wyjątkowe Zdjęcia Ślubne Śląsk Sosnowiec Katowice…

    Nice article. Its always a good time to see, what You are doing….

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