This cabinet card, by Sarony of New York City, presents a challenge to the research department of the Cabinet Card Gallery. The research department is composed of all the visitors to this site who bring with them a vast amount of knowledge which they generously share through their comments. So, what is the challenge? The challenge is; “Who is the subject of this photograph?”. This intense and interesting looking gentleman, is likely an actor. Although the evidence would not hold up in court, it does lean toward the hypothesis that this fur collared and mustachioed man, is a stage performer. The subject has the “look” of  a performer and the photographer is Sarony, who was a noted photographer of theatre stars. If any visitors have some ideas as to the identity of this gentleman, please leave a comment. Other photographs by Sarony may be seen by clicking on Cabinet Card Gallery’s category of “Photographer: Sarony”.

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  1. Napoleon Sarony also photographed non-actors and did snap Nikola Tesla, which this sort of looks like.

    You can also go to this website which has many Sarony images – I looked at a lot of them and this gent looks like a lot of his subjects:


  2. Sarony did to non celebs. I have several photos for my book that are non- celebs.

    I have a CDV of an actor identified only as “Hallock” who looks a bit like your man. I would love to know if anyone identifies him.

    Thanks for the photo link!

    The Pink Flamingo

  3. i have a cabinet card, looks like tha same guy, a few years younger, or just cleaned uo, the last name printed on the back is burns, i cant make out the first mane

  4. This looks like it may be actor “Henry Lee” who appeared on stage (b 1857, d 1910) as a serious actor, and famously in his vaudeville presentation of “Great Men, Past and Present”.

  5. If this hasn’t been resolved, one might consider whether it is E. A. Sothern (1826 – 1881). (Warning … can be tricky due to confusion with his son, E. H. Sothern (1859-1933, also a big star, pictures easily misnamed). Both were worthy Sarony subjects. I see resemblance between your picture and the elder Sothern. I apologize ahead of time if I’m ‘seeing things’… such a wonderful portrait deserves ID.

    • I checked out some of E A Sothern’s images and I don’t think you are “seeing things” in regard to his looking like the individual in this cabinet card. I wish we could get confirmation of the unknown portrait sitters identity but it is not very likely that will ever happen.

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